Meditationshalle im Domicilium

Welcome to the Sanbo Zendo Weyarn!

  • Here you can get a solid introduction to zazen (Zen meditation),
  • practice zazen to come back to yourself,
  • practice zazen to discover your true Self,
  • explore the koan training course according to Sanbôzen.
The Sanbôzen School

The school of Zen represented at Sanbo Zendo Weyarn is called Sanbôzen. The main aim of Sanbôzen is to directly grasp our true nature through dedicated Zen practice and to realize it in our own lives. more

Our Zendo (Meditation Hall)

In the midst of nature of the Mangfall Valley south of Munich, at the foot of the monastery village of Weyarn is the zazen hall, the Sanbo Zendo Weyarn. It is a place where Zen of the Sanbôzen School is intensively taught and practiced. more

Porträt Migaku Sato Roshi

Greeting from Migaku Sato

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the new website of Sanbo Zendo Weyarn. Here you can find out about our Zendo and what our Zendo group offers: what goals we pursue and what you can find with us. At this place in Weyarn we feel again and again how significant and urgent the Zen way is for people today. On this path we experience what we really are. We see the world of our being more clearly and more deeply. Since the Zen way is oriented towards community formation, we have great hope that together with you we can make the fruits of Zen accessible to as many people as possible and let the deep light of our own existence become more and more visible. So, let's sit together in Sanbo Zendo Weyarn!

Next courses

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Jun 2024
V24008 - 

Zazenkai with Dokusan possibility | Zen Meditation

Prof. Dr. Migaku Sato
Jul 2024
03.07.2024 07.07.2024
K2424 - 

Sitting in Silence | Zen Sesshin

Hannelore Müller, MD
Jul 2024
15.07.2024 21.07.2024
K2427 - 

In Search of the True Self | Zen Sesshin

Prof. Dr. Migaku Sato

The Teachers

Porträt Migaku Sato Roshi

Prof. Dr. Migaku Sato

is a Zen master of Sanbôzen. He is Professor Emeritus of New Testament, was a Zen disciple of Yamada Kôun, and has been authorized to teach Zen since 2004. more 

Porträt Hannelore Müller

Hannelore Müller, MD

is a Zen Teacher of Sanbôzen. She is involved in traditional Chinese medicine and works as a specialist in psychosomatic medicine and psychotherapy. more

Porträt Stefan Sachs

Stefan Sachs

is a Zen Teacher of Sanbôzen. He has worked as a manager and consultant and now works as a freelance business coach. more

Porträt Toni Maier

Toni Maier

is a Zen Teacher of Sanbôzen. He studied Catholic theology and works as a Gestalt therapist. more

Porträt Valeria Forstman

Dr. Valerie Forstman

is an Associate Zen Master of Sanbôzen. She studied theology and music and teaches in the areas of Hebrew Bible and spirituality.  more

Porträt Richard Maurer

Richard Maurer

is an Assistant Zen Teacher of Sanbôzen. He studied Catholic theology, Romance studies and German studies and taught at schools in Munich and Singapore. more

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With our newsletter we inform you about Zen, spirituality and education - and especially about the activities of Sanbo Zendo Weyarn.


Porträt Marion Kolb
Marion Kolb,
Secondary school teacher

It is wonderful to be able to fully engage in the sitting, to stay completely with yourself even in the daily work in and around the zendo (Samu) and thus quickly come to inner peace.

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Despite sitting every day, I was by no means as calm and balanced as I would have wished. During the sesshin, I was able to practice staying completely with what I was doing. The hectic, arising from the feeling of always having to do the next thing in order to (seemingly) make the best use of time, disappears. That is wonderful.

I cannot imagine a better Zen teacher than Migaku Sato. He translates the texts from Japanese (7th century and others) and tries to find a language in German that a person living today can understand - which is quite an extraordinary achievement in relation to a Zen text. One senses his absolute conviction, which he also conveys as a teacher with wit and charm, so that it is also possible to listen intently during the Teisho.

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Portrait Danny Fiebig
Danny M. Fiebig,
Mediator and coach

A Zen sesshin is a particularly valuable time. What happens inside during this time of silence is difficult to describe in words.

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Even if it is sometimes exhausting, you always go home with the experience that the practice in the Zen community gives you a deep, calm strength and presence – a growing inner certainty that carries you in everyday life and becomes your inner center.

The Domicilium Weyarn is a wonderful place where you can feel the fruits of long practice of many people. Today, no one needs to travel to Asia to experience authentic Zen practice. Everything can be found here.

I am very grateful that I found my teacher Hannelore Müller, MD. For me, she embodies authentic, living Zen. The support she has given me on the path of practice for many years is indispensable and invaluable.

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