If you would like to support the work of the non-profit association Domicilium Foundation and the Sanbo Zendo Weyarn, our large meditation hall, we would be very pleased - be it in the form of good thoughts, a material donation or as a Dana.

What we rely on donations for

Spiritual courses in the Domicilium

The costs of running the spiritual courses, consisting of fees, organization and administration, are financed to the tune of approximately ⅔ from course income and ⅓ from donations. Your support helps us to offer our high-quality courses at a reasonable price.

Meditationsraum mit Zen-Meister

Interior Sanbo Zendo Weyarn

We completed the interior construction of the Zendo in 2017. Through the design of Migaku Sato and with the help of many supporters, a unique place for Zen and meditation has been created. New lamps, a rug in the vestibule, and a wooden shelf for pillows will contribute to a welcoming atmosphere. We would be happy if you would support these practical concerns.

Meditationskissen in einem Meditationsraum

Domicilium garden

The garden of the Domicilium is an island of reflection and tranquility for our guests. The repeated heavy rain in recent years has regularly left considerable traces. Your help contributes to the fact that we can protect the garden from further damage through protective measures and maintain the usual beauty of the garden.

Weg im Garten des Domiciliums